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This list provides an index of video game titles in Banpresto's Super Robot Wars franchise. Most of the games in the series are tactical role-playing games but several games representing other genres were also released.

This category is for video games that run on MS-DOS, PC DOS, and/or compatible operating systems. Most also run well in Dosbox.

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5 May 2010 Devoid: The Void Difficulty Patches. Kieron Gillen If that interests you, the Void is available in all the usual direct-download places. Tagged 

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This category is for video games that run on MS-DOS, PC DOS, and/or compatible operating systems. Most also run well in Dosbox.

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Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy is a 1996 FMV based tech noir graphic adventure game developed by Electric Dreams Inc. and released by Mindscape for MS-DOS and Mac OS.

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